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The Leicester Blood Bowl League (LBBL) is based in the West End of Leicester and we aim to roll as many skulls and ones as possible each Thursday evening. All skill levels are welcome, with a range of experienced coaches on hand to help ease you in. Anyone interested in playing the maddening beautiful game is very welcome to join us in a fun, relaxing and safe environment.

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All levels welcome

Whether you’re a rookie coach with hope in your heart or a gnarled veteran of countless campaigns who lost all hope at the World Cup - or somewhere in between - our members have a wide range of abilities and experience and you’ll fit right in. Even if you’ve never played before we have a team of players ready to help you learn.

Any given Thursday

The LBBL is a club, we strive to play in a fun and lively atmosphere with several games being played for that authentic Blood Bowl feel. We play in the West End of Leicester, with easy access and parking, every Thursday from 19.00 until late.

Free introduction

For brand new players there is no charge for your first gaming session. After that there is a small fee to cover the running costs of the club. Playing in the LBBL’s Blood Bowl 2 online (PC/Mac) seasons is completely free of charge.

Any Given Thursday

About the LBBL

Founded in 2015, the Leicester Blood Bowl League was created for like-minded players to come together on a Thursday night and spend a few hours together rolling dice and enjoying a drink. Since it's inception it's grown into a much larger club, which has played seven full seasons and has been through three commissioners – from the founder Duncan Holman who was forced to step down following allegations of pile-driving fellow coaches; and Justin Cross, currently on the run from local authorities due to nocturnal asphyxiation activities; to current commissioner Danny Richardson, a man who insists that "Blood Bowl is not meant to be fun".

At the heart of the league we aim to provide a fun, relaxing, safe and welcoming environment for anyone interested in playing the maddenin... beautiful game. All coaches are expected to get on board with the ethos of being a fully inclusive club for anybody brave enough to spend their Thursday evenings rolling skulls and ones.

What we play

At the core we play the current version of Games Workshop's 2016 Blood Bowl, albeit with a few simple house rules to make the season a smoother experience for everyone. Each season forms a structured league with multiple divisions, culminating in the play-offs for the qualifying teams in each division. Even more important is the Stunty Cup, a battle to see who can do the best, with the very worst teams in the game.

In addition, we have a thriving online league on BB2 (Blood Bowl 2 on PC and mac) – LBB2L. This is currently in it's second season, with a couple of spin off leagues for hardcore and stunty coaches. Coming back to tabletop, we also hold regular "Sevens" tournaments, a much quicker and ruthless variant of Blood Bowl which only takes around 40 minutes per game, enabling us to hold a full tournament in an evening.

We're anticipating the release of the latest version of Blood Bowl: Second Season, expected to be released by Games Workshop later this year. We will look to transition to this version of the game for the season following its release. And for online aficionados, Blood Bowl 3 is set to hit consoles and computers later this year also.

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